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Apr 9 2019

EyeLine Video Surveillance Software for Windows

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EyeLine Video Surveillance Software for Windows, NEF6.COM

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EyeLine Video Surveillance Software

Download to create a multiple webcam security system

Our EyeLine Video Surveillance Software puts the power of security in your hands. Whether you’re using it to monitor your home or to manage security for a large corporation, this powerful system provides priceless peace of mind.

  • Monitor and record 100+ camera sources simultaneously
  • Watch footage in real time on-site or online with remote login
  • Stay abreast of security with motion triggered email or SMS alerts
  • Record and archive compressed surveillance footage for later viewing

EyeLine works on Windows and is compatible with cameras that have Windows drivers, USB cameras, and networked IP cameras.

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Powerful Video Surveillance Software

Video Surveillance Features
  • Records up to 100+ camera sources simultaneously
  • Easily set up each camera with just a click of a button
  • Works with both USB cameras and networked IP cameras
  • Motion detection recording saves space by only recording when something is happening
  • Email or SMS alerts available for motion detection
  • Optional time stamping of recorded video frames
  • Web control panel allows you to access and view recordings remotely over the Internet
  • Save video footage to a network folder or back up via FTP
  • Video can be monitored live as it is being recorded
  • Display options for watching the video on a second monitor, television, or other screen
  • Find and play surveillance recordings ordered by camera, date, duration and motion detected
  • Integrated with Express Burn to record video files to DVD

Video Surveillance

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