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Apr 10 2019

Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle Registration, NEF2.COM

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Vehicle Registration/Licence

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Whether you are licensing your vehicle for the first time or renewing, the process is much the same and is fairly straight forward. The same documents that were required during the inspection process will also be used to complete the licensing process.

In the case of a renewal, refer to your Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness (log book); print and sign your name on the lines provided (first page). Present to a Licensing Officer along with your valid motor insurance (Cover Note or Policy) and your Certificate of Road Worthiness, which was issued to you by the vehicle inspection team.

Once these documents have been presented to any of our Licensing officers, it is their duty to insure that the information provided is updated on our records system. During this time, a Licensing Officer may ask you if you have changed your mailing address or telephone number (s) or name (by marriage or deed poll).

Licensing a new vehicle is similar to that of a renewal. Instead of presenting a log book you will be required to fill out the Application to Register a Vehicle. (yellow form 1). This is used to register vehicles that have never been registered in the Cayman Islands before, whether new or secondhand. This form, along with your insurance and Certificate of Road Worthiness must be presented to a Licensing Officer.

Did you know that you can licence your vehicle for 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months?

Upon completion of the registration process, new vehicles will receive a set of registration plates. These licence plates, as they are commonly known, must be affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle.

All vehicles will receive a coupon displaying the time period for which they are licenced for, e.g. FEB 09, 2012. This is to be displayed on the front windscreen within six inches of the edge. A coupon with a postdate signifies that your vehicle has been licenced in accordance with all relevant laws and can be operated on all public roads up until the date displayed below a particular month, which coincides with the date shown on the log book.

Your fees will be determined by several key factors such as the time period your vehicle is being licenced for, and type of vehicle. The cost for inspection will be added.

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